35 Years Asifa Austria

Ortsbegehung – Walk With Me

Thursday, 8 October 2020 – 18:00 @ Belvedere 21 / Blickle Kino, approx. 80 min

Churches, green meadows, a road made of pixels. This anniversary program assembles films that open up new spaces for its audience – places on the in- and on the outside, which can be reached on foot or through contemplation, brought to life using different animation techniques. These rooms and spaces draw you in or shut you out.
A journey for 2020. Mapped out by Marie Ketzscher.

Kirchenschiffe, grüne Wiesen, eine Gerade aus Pixeln. Das Jubiläumsprogramm versammelt Filme, die den Zuschauer*innen neue Orte erschließen  – innere und äußere Räume, durch die aktive Begehung und die Kontemplation, mittels unterschiedlicher Animationstechniken. Es sind Räume, die hypnotisch anziehen oder das Hineingehen unmöglich machen.
Eine Reise für 2020. Zusammengestellt von Marie Ketzscher.

Anne Zwiener - FRAGMENTED


Anne Zwiener | 2017 | 5 min 03 sec | | AT

What is reality, what is illusion? After a motorcycle accident the reality of the protagonist turns into fragments. Memories and real events merge with surreal hallucinations that are linked with her stay in the hospital and the strong medication that she gets there due to her horrible injuries. Dreamlike images become part of a terrible foreboding and sensations that are connected with the operations she has to undergo.

Renate Kordon - Raumfahrt


Renate Kordon | 1989 | 4 min 52 sec | AT

Renate Kordon encircles her living space with the body, along the walls at the edges of the floor. By/for filming, the spatial inventory is recorded cm for cm. The time-frame of the recording (in frames) exceeds the time of the screen projection by a multiple, while the impression of the film-time is fragmenting the real space of experience into countless individual moments. (R. K.)

Mariela Schöffmann - Nozizeptor


Mariela Schöffmann | 2013 | 2 min 26 sec | AT

The animation tells of that magical moment when everything seems completely useless. But in these useless moments new visions are born.

Stefan Stratil, Bady Minck - Der Mensch mit den modernen Nerven

Der Mensch mit den modernen Nerven  (The Man with modern Nerves)

Stefan Stratil, Bady Minck | 1988 | 8 min | AT / LU

Many filmmakers have filmed and cinematically portrayed the city, but only a few have worked with the architectural material itself. With that in mind, the case of the Luxembourgish directors Bady Minck and Stefan Stratil is quite exemplary.
For their film they built a model based on sketches by the architect Adolf Loos, which he had originally designed in 1923 for a city-hall project in Mexico-City. The step-pyramid of his sketches is not only animated in their mise en scène, but becomes involved in an abstract game of geometric forms, light and shadows, reminiscent of certain films of the 20ies, like Oskar Fischinger’s “Orgelstäbe”. More than just an animation of the model, the film reveals Adolf Loos’s architectural concepts of surface and the volume of space.

Edith Stauber - Linz/Stadtpfarrkirche

Linz/Stadtpfarrkirche (Linz / City Parish Church)

Edith Stauber | 2019 | 15 min | AT

The perception of a sacred building in an everyday environment: rhythmically alternating between the inside and outside of the church, the photographic animation observes various events throughout the day. (production note)

Thomas Steiner - Theresia


Thomas Steiner | 2013 | 6 min 40 sec | AT

Theresia is a painted animation picture, that transformes a series of fotographies taken in a church into abstract painting. The oval room and the cameramovement within becomes a pictorial space producing various possibilities of perception.
The colorless opening sequence is a montage of animated photographs showing the oval interior of the eponymous St. Theresia church in Linz, the work of architect Rudolf Schwarz. Steiner made a photographic series of this striking place of worship, which was built in the early 1960s, then worked on the images with a computer…. Although Steiner abstracts his photographs completely, the particular atmosphere of this remarkable church is tangible in the video. With a high degree of sensitivity he translated the sublime nature of this religious building into fluid and sonorous painting, into an invitation to contemplate. (Norbert Pfaffenbichler)

Adnan Popovic - Tinamv1


Adnan Popovic | 2011 | 5 min | AT

Animation. Perfection. In this age of digital exuberance, Adnan Popović choreographs with pinpoint accuracy, using mostly analog devices, and still manages to be convincing. A white corridor serves as the setting of a music video for the Viennese electronic duo Kilo. Every sample, every peak is given spatial dimension by means of objects, artwork and light. The detailed array of colors and shapes sparks associations of genres and trends, yet remains elusive, never ceasing to reinvent itself.

Thomas Renoldner - Rhythmus 94

Rhythmus 94

Thomas Renoldner | 1994 | 5 min | AT

This film is a musical piece. The sounds, their pitches, their relationships to one another, and especially the (poly)rhythmic structures are to be read as a score for the organization and the multiple overlaying of images and vice versa. Image and sound become one; they have grown together, have been invented for one another. A perfect, homogenous piece of “Visual Music.” (T.R.)

Evelyn Kreinecker - Wegstücke

Wegstücke (Routes)

Evelyn Kreinecker | 2016 | 5 min | AT

People are walking along their ways – day by day, enforced, contented or uncertain. Drawn with charcoal on a piece of canvas, lanes are created. Those snapshots are changing and overlapping, telling stories, leaving traces and putting questions: Where should we go, may we go and must we go?

Reinhold Bidner - Ex Terrat

Ex Terrat

Reinhold Bidner | 2016 | 6 min | AT, FR

An Audiovisual Experimental Animation based on Reinhold Bidner´s personal Paris-Dérives in 2015. The Idea was to walk through/explore and to feel inspired by the Urban Landscapes & Textures, the City, the Street Art, the People and the Museums of Paris as a starting point.
Based on that the main focus was laid on Faces (but also athmospheres) that are rather on the darker side of the spectrum. Reinhold Bidner let himself get inspired by what he collected/ photographed/ filmed or sound-recorded and created his very personal & distinct Imagery/Animations/Portraits (and Sound) out of it through various techniques such as Compositing, Hand Drawn and Computer Animation, Morphing, Layering and Double Exposures, Stop Motion Animation and Music- & Sound-Production.

Eni Brandner - Exhaustibility


Eni Brandner | 2012 | 8 min 45 sec | AT

Impressions like flashbacks to the romantic imagination of city dwellers that their recreation areas would offer them untouched nature. Dream-like fragments, lined up with reality – a landscape which is used to supply the city.
Cars flash across the road, passing oil pumps and wind turbines, periphery and suburbs move by in accelerated speed. Through streets, along facades right into the maze of the city. The view to the horizon changes continuously in a sublime accumulation of things that are seemingly supplied in abundance. Ever changing fragments of a city, that has been growing over the centuries, dance along the streets in their varied stylistic interpretations. (Sofie Mathoi)

Norbert Trummer - Romalido


Norbert Trummer | 2009 | 2 min | AT

In Romalido you embark on an imaginary journey through Rome and get from the center of the city to its periphery and finally via Ostia Antica to the Lido.

Veronika Schubert - First and Foremost

First and Foremost

Veronika Schubert | 2016 | 5 min 20 sec | AT

The outlines of moving clouds are engraved on over 3,000 small glass discs, creating the impression of a borderline constantly being redefined on an imaginary map.

Anna Vasof - Vienna Hit

Vienna Hit

Anna Vasof | 2019 | 2 min 8 sec | AT

I visit several cities and I hit my head on different surfaces.
A microphone, which is mounted on my head, records the sound of these head-beats. A camera, located off to the side, records each action. In this way, all is made visible: the action, the sound recording, the surface upon which I hit my head, and the urban ambiance of the location. (Anna Vasof)